Audio messaging.
Out loud and hands free.

What is Blarg?

Out loud and hands free audio messaging

Audio messages played out loud on your friends phone the moment you send them. Record it, find it, or create it, you choose. Any sound, any time. Out loud and hands free.

Chat, share, and have fun. Choose one of the built in sounds, record your voice, or even create your own talking messages using text-to-speech. Send them to your friends, and the sound will automatically play out loud on their phone. Imagine the surprise when an unexpected sound is played from their phone, or yours.

  • Send Any Sound

    Record it, find it, or create it.

  • Auto Play

    Messages are played out loud when received.

  • Simple and Beautiful

    Easy to use interface makes sending your sound a breeze.

  • A new way to message

    Have fun with this new kind of messaging app.


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